Thursday, July 28, 2016


Well, we are right smack-dab in the middle of summer! It doesn't matter how old or how young you are, one of the highlights of summer vacation are... BEACH TRIPS! 

Whether you spend all day working on your tan, combing for seashells, or swimming in the water, there is no shortage of activities for you to do at the beach. 

Here are a few books for the little ones to help them prepare for the best beach trip ever!

While it is completely normal to bring a Frisbee or a Shovel & Pail to the beach, a piano is probably not on the list of items you should take to the beach. This fun and crazy picture book will make you laugh out loud at the wild antics that one little girl takes to bring her piano to the beach. How in the world will this work out?!pxvgzMNfZ1nRiJTw0coSw6po!WgF19IVXSUjl1ciZ7VYO!MrIpqNQxgWMZOxO7nbASp+W5SBQKW/u34+1F!EVWH7ngw7NLVXIcKIKW2pmYA+Gl!w8rbMsYEtKUWFdnW30MCanFZgW+4GMRZ!0E5dFFzPFFvj8MPeAIGAhFmZGsg17Rbv38GVfiGWsW1OYzkgsRAdZgmVYczu 

What could be better than the beach? How about a PUPPY at the beach! In Biscuit's First Beach Day, Biscuit travels along with his owner to the beach. Read along as Biscuit flies a kite, plays with a beach ball, and oh so much more!  

Duck is a very adventurous bird.. His friend Goose? Mmmm, not so much. One day, as they are lying in their meadow, Goose says that he never wishes to leave their meadow, so what does Duck want to do? Leave the meadow! As they are wandering along, they come to s place they have never been before... The beach. Will this newfound beach bring adventure and excitement or will it be a flop? Find out in Duck and Goose Go to the Beach.!pxvgzMNfZ1nRiJTw0coSw6po!WgF19IVSJEpS8iBX1lhG99Cjm3Y9sksSxHZymU8xoTCuRylHu9/WceGgDUNlCA8RPHOz66AbHHs4RI12Vqg+OoBRGBrKx2plCphEkAr3aizNSRpuGHkIoDZcS4gLRs3LNNbucM2t4e7qxWsqy5knrwDZNvDzQtQ5iDKyCBWtzAWMsmQ+7PK 

Whenever Chu sneezed, bad things happened.... 
On a hot summer's day, Chu and his family decide to go to the beach for some summer fun! However, everyone knows that when Chu sneezes, bad things happen. Will his sneeze ruin the day or will it bring a new sense of fun? 

Little Critter was always one of my favorite picture book series as a child. I love how these stories display the new experiences that many children go through daily. 
In this Little Critter book, Little Critter, Little Sister, and their Dad decide to go to the beach. I'll give you a couple of little spoilers.. This book contains seagull attacks, hot sand, and *gulp* jellyfish! Find out more in this loveable story At the Beach with Dad. 

A Penguin at the Beach? What a conundrum! But everyone needs a vacation, even our feathered friends! Penguin is tired of sledding and skiing, so he decides it's about time that he takes a tropical vacation. 
 When he arrives at his tropical destination, he soon discovers that sledding and skiing are not normal beach activities. However, he meets a friendly crab who is willing to show him the ropes on this whole "beach thing". Follow these two friends as the discover the beach and their friendship. 

If you have any beach books that you would like to share with us, or if you want to tell us about your beach experience, shoot us an email or post a comment in our comment box below! 


Monday, July 18, 2016

Pokemon Go

Well, if you couldn't tell by the picture then I'll just go ahead and tell you what this week's post is about.... The new virtual reality app-Pokemon Go!

For those of you who don't know, Pokemon Go is a virtual reality app that uses your smart phone's GPS and camera to allow you to catch monsters in the real world. While I have never played this game, I have seen friends and Patrons playing with this app and it does seem to be a fun and interactive way to have people get up and get active!

However, like every game or gadget there are always downfalls. For one, people seem to be so absorbed with the game that sometimes they don't seem to see anything else in the real world. For example, I was driving to my friend's house the other day so we could go for a hike together. As I was turning on to her street, a man walks out into the street with his phone in his face, playing Pokemon Go. Luckily, I saw him in enough time where I could stop and avoid hitting him, but he did not seem to be at all bothered that he was walking out into open traffic to find a Pokemon monster. This is also a good example of why you should not play Pokemon Go while you are driving.

There have also been complaints of people trespassing onto Private Property or to National Parks/Memorials. In these instances, if you are going to partake in Pokemon on private property, then explain to the owner what you are doing and hopefully, they will let you take a look around to snag that monster!
When playing Pokemon, try using the buddy system as much as you can. There have been several reports of violent acts, such as robberies, of people who have gone out alone to play and end up being robbed. Parents, if your child is going to play Pokemon Go, invite yourself along or make sure they have a trusted adult with them while they are playing.

For Pokemon Go, they want to access your Google data (including browsing history, emails, etc), which could potentially be a breach in security. The founders of Pokemon Go are working on a way to make sure that players' information is not being breached, but until then be careful!

Now, I don't want anyone to think that I am just listing the downfalls of playing the game so let's get on to the positives now.. Shall we?

As I mentioned earlier, in order to catch the monsters  you have to GO OUTSIDE and look for them. This is such a fun way for kids to get active, that they really aren't even thinking about the physical aspect of it. Also, they receive a reward (the monster) for their physical activity.

Another great thing about this app is it allows people to see certain places that they may have never seen otherwise. On a recent camping trip, I saw a few people wandering through the woods looking for monsters. While they were looking through the woods, they were absolutely in awe of the state park they were walking through and I heard one of them say "I probably never would have come here on my own". Our Library is a Pokestop and we have had several people come in to look for monsters and some of them have signed up for Library cards or even just perused through our shelves. Thank you, Pokemon Go!

I am attaching a few articles I have found that give some useful tips for playing and keeping safe.

Hope this information helps you have a fun and safe time while Playing Pokemon Go! Any questions, comments.. Just type them in our comment box below!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Goldilocks and the Three...

We hope that everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July WeekendNothing beats fireworks and barbecues as well as good times with family and friends.

Now that we're getting back into the swing of things, I thought I would share a little scenario that happened this last Saturday, which was actually my inspiration for this week's post. 

As many of you know, we have chairs set up in our main lobby, where Patrons can just sit and read, or simply relax. I suddenly realized Saturday that I had never sat in any of these comfy-looking chairs before, so I decided to try them out. 

When I sat down on the first one, I said  "This chair is too hard". So I moved on to the chair across from it, and when I sat down, I said "This chair is too soft". A coworker of mine laughed and said "You sound just like Goldilocks". 

Later that night, I looked up the Goldilocks books that we had and realized we had WAY more than just the original "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" story. So this week, I decided to share a few of the wacky Goldilocks books that we have in our collection.

The Silly Story of Goldie Locks and the Three Squares is a fun re-telling of the original Goldie Locks. In this story, we meet the great-great granddaughter of the fairy tale Goldilocks, who like her Grandmother, finds a house in the woods and decides to take a look around. 

This re-telling not only retells the original Goldilocks and the Three Bears story, it gives you a fun and easy math lesson. Since this is a beginner book, I would recommend this book for ages 7+. 


Jan Brett is one of my all-time favorite children's authors, not just because of her amazing illustrations, but because she tells older fairy tales/fables that we sometimes forget about. 

This is the original story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where Goldilocks wanders into the woods and stumbles across a house, where little does she know, three bears live! I don't want to spoil the whole story, for those of you who have not read yourself or to your little ones, but this is definitely a good one. 

Have you ever wondered, "What would it have been like if one of the Bears came into Goldilocks' house?" Leigh Hodgkinson does just that in Goldilocks and Just The One Bear,  where the Baby Bear from the old fairy tale visits a house in the big city. What will happen to the Baby Bear when he does all of the things that happened to him and his family in the woods? 

This fun and heart-warming story really made me fall in love with the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story in a whole new way.  

While the three bears go out for a walk, Goatilocks decides to take a little peak into their house to see what kind of mischief she can get into. What will happen to a goat when three bears find her rummaging through their home? 

AR READING POINTS: 0.5,204,203,200_.jpg

This was definitely not the typical Goldilocks and the Three Bears retelling that I was prepared for. In Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs, the three dinosaurs are PURPOSELY trying to get Goldilocks into their house so they can trap her and well... Eat her. 

Will Goldilocks fall for their diabolical scheme or will she discover their plot before it's too late? 


Goldy Luck and the Three Pandas is a Chinese retelling of the original Goldilocks the Three Bears story. 
One Chinese New Year, her mother sends Goldy Luck to the pandas next door with a plate of turnip cakes, but the pandas are out and disaster follows. Includes a recipe for turnip cakes and an explanation of Chinese New Year.

This amazing retelling is definitely a way to show your little ones a little bit of a different culture, and how other cultures have the same problems we do with little girls causing disaster in bear's homes. 


Check out these charming and funny Goldilocks retellings, so everything will be "just right" when you're reading them with your little one(s)!