Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Web Wednesday

There are so many cool sites available for kids and families!  We would like to share some fun ones with you.

The first site I would like to share with you is The Story Home.  The Story Home is run by Alan and Sharon Scofield.  The site's mission is "to provide original and classic children’s audio stories for free, to delight and inspire children and their families, throughout the world.  The Story Home offers an authentic place for curiosity, imagination, and self discovery."

The website is a user-friendly way to engage your child with audio stories from your home computer!  The site uses several different search features.  You may search by genre of story such as Classic, Fairytale, Sports, or Bedtime.  You can even search by length of story, depending on the listener's attention span.  Once you find a story you would like to listen to, simply hit the play button under the title, and bam!  You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a story read by Alan.

The site even has an iPhone app!  For $1.99, you can take your stories on the road.  They give you three free stories to begin and then any additional downloads are .99.  If you choose to go this route, the stories are illustrated by a single picture throughout the tale.  You may want to check out a book version and your child can follow along with the illustrations as Alan narrates the story for them.

This site is a great find for parents who want to encourage literacy to fit in with your busy lives.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

David Almond

We love this author and want to share with you some of his great books available @ GMPL!

About David Almond:
  •        Almond currently lives with his family in Northumberland, England. 
  •        He’s been writing children’s books since 1998.
  •        In 2010 he was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international award for an author of children's books.
Check out these books by David Almond @ GMPL:

My Dad’s a Birdman
Mr. Poop is hosting The Human Bird Competition.  Lizzie’s dad thinks he’s actually a bird—squawking, eating worms, wearing wings, and even laying his own (invisible) egg!  Rather than worry whether her dad, the Birdman, has gone crazy after losing mam, Lizzie decides to become a Birdgirl.  Together they join Mr. Poop’s competition.  The question is: Will they fly or fall?

This is a whimsical short novel for young readers about the joys of imagination.  Highly recommended for fans of Roald Dahl and readers looking for stories of strong father-daughter bonds.   

Skellig follows Michael to his new house on a new street just after the birth of his baby sister.  With the baby's questionable health, his family's attention is all on her and getting the house ready for her return from the hospital.  With so much change happening at once, he feels lonely and lost until he meets the girl down the street, Mina.  Together they explore the neighborhood and learn that magic is all around them if they take the time to see it.

This story won the Whitbread Children's Book award, as well as the Carnegie Medal, and for good reason!  This story will stay with you after you’ve finished and leave you wanting more of David Almond’s stories.
   My Name is Mina

My Name is Mina is the prequel to Almond’s first novel, Skellig.  Mina takes place before she has met Michael or Skellig.  Mina decides to keep a journal, but not just by discussing what happens in her daily life.  Pouring her thoughts, dreams, poems, and wishes into her journal, Mina allows us to see the world through her eyes.  A free spirit who is home-schooled by her mother, we realize that we are missing out on the wonders of the world by accepting the status quo.  From the first line, “My name is Mina and I love the night,” you’ll be hooked.

This novel is told from ten different perspectives, written by ten different authors, chronicling the mysterious life of George "Gee" Keane.  David Almond contributed the chapter of Click told from the perspective of Annie.

We hope you enjoy David Almond's stories as much as we do!  

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Literacy Rocks Lorain County at Grafton-Midview Public Library

 During the final week of Family Storytime, we will be joining in the 'Literacy Rocks Lorain County' event.  We will share our love of reading by enjoying a favorite story and decorating rocks for our garden.  Visit our Library Tuesday, May 7th at 6:30 to have a rockin' good time!
You can check out the 'Literacy Rocks Lorain County' web site for more information on the county-wide event.